It’s a fact of life that at some point we will lose someone very close to us: a friend, a sibling, a grandparent, a parent. It can be a painful, confusing and difficult time.

However the loss of a child brings a different level to this grief that we naturally experience with such a loss. In my work I have had the honour and privilege of working with both people here and bringing messages through from their loved ones in Spirit.

The work that I have done has allowed me to meet many people who have faced a significant loss of a loved one, including a year of giving live readings in a bereaved parents group Esther’s Rainbow. through this I connected with a lot of people who had lost their children. Regardless of the age of the child, a child will always be a child to a parent.

These have been the most powerfully beautiful readings, the amount of love that comes through from Spirit during these times is remarkable and often brings me to tears, not of sadness but tears of love and compassion, as these are the feelings I get from Spirit as I bring their messages across.

Through this work I’ve met many amazing people, many have become friends and a Community has been born. Not from just bereaved parents but from people that I’ve connected with through many aspects of my work. 

This Community now offers a Supportive, non judgemental, compassionate and understanding  place for people. Some of the people within the Community I met before devastating loss in their lives, and one such person was Tasha Finley.

Tasha had seen my live readings and been following me when her son Kaiden was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He bravely faced treatment and surgery and he recovered briefly. The tumour returned with a vengeance Kaiden threw himself into life, having fun and spending time with his siblings and family, raising money and awareness about Brain Tumours. Making the most of every moment.

He adopted the lightning symbol as his logo and took part in the Brain Tumour Walk in Victoria Canada.With his family he wanted to do all that he could. All the time he was getting weaker and sicker but he was determined. He was insistent on raising money and awareness “ if not to help me to help someone else” he said. 

He passed away in Tasha’s arms, surrounded by his siblings on March 21st 2019. In January I said I would walk with Tasha this year, the only issue was Tasha is in Canada and I live in England. There was no way I could get there so I said I would walk here instead. So on the 27th June I will be doing a 5 kilometre walk and I will have a few friends who are joining me.Tasha will be walking in Victoria, Canada. Everyone is donating their time, their energy and a tiny bit of money to support this.

Kaiden is the reason I’m doing this walk through the connection I now have with this amazing young man and his family, through his inspiration, his selflessness, his compassion.. if I can give just a little bit of that on this day and do what I can to raise awareness and to support his family in his memory.

I have always spoken for those with no voice and I am honoured to do this walk for Kaiden and for his family, and if it just makes a difference to one person’s life then everything will have been worth it.

I am also raffling a full reading with all proceeds going directly to the Charity and we’re having a fun charity bingo session in the Community this Sunday 13th June. You can sign up for the Community on the Website or you can click here and request to join. This is a free group.

Sending lots of love to you, have a really good week, take care and be well

Tina xx 💚💚