Indeed it is time to catch my breath. As you can see the website was launched as planned (with 2 minutes to spare!) I am beginning to find my way around and have been having training along the way, there is going to be a lot more of that I know. So what has been going on, and more importantly what is coming up.

The energy this year has brought its own challenges and lessons to each of us in their own ways. These will have had an impact on your life in some way shape or form and to a greater or lesser degree. This year is a year of transformation, and you will be feeling that on some level at this point . July brings in a series of Eclipses that will impact us throughout the rest of the year. With so much strong energy around it is always a good idea to try and keep your energy in balance. A good way to do this is by Grounding or Earthing yourself. This month I discuss Grounding and earthing, what it is, how it can benefit you and how you can do it. I also wrote a 30 day challenge for myself and have shared a copy of the workbook for those of you who want to either join me, or do for yourself at another time. I find Grounding very good for clearing my head, relieving stress and helping me to focus. You will all know how much I love trees and this is one of the reasons. For the work that I do it is invaluable, I work with energy in every way and I need to keep mine clear so that I can work effectively. We all benefit from spending time out in nature though, and if you ever needed an excuse this is a good one. Pearl members will also have an article From Patricia on Frankincense which also helps with supporting grounding as well as being one of the most powerful oils for clearing negativity, Michelle is sharing her knowledge of crystals that have a grounding effect. and Simon has a very special treat for you Pearl members !!

I will get up to speed with all of this eventually, but thank you for being here, I aim to share aspects of all the work that I do through here, and am learning all the time. If you are here this could be an interesting ride.. You might just get to know more about me than you realised !! I will be sharing that with you all very soon.

love and light to you xx