Tina has an amazing ability to tap into passed on loved ones and intuitively read cards. I’ve been blown away on many occasions when something had been going on with me and then a loved one would come through mentioning the very thing I was wondering about without me having said a word (usually something specific to them.) One person she even picked up his build from when he was alive. She is very personable and easy to talk to on top of all this. I could easily sit and just have a conversation with her. She is very engaging and very kind. I highly recommend her as a wonderfully intuitive and medium. She never fails to wow me with her readings. 

Krista Murphy

Tina is a one of a kind she is very easy to talk to she will bring in your loved ones and everything she says you will understand the meaning if not right away later after you have thought about it. I have had many readings with Tina and intend on having many more with her. Each time she brings in my son she has his personality down to the Tee he tells he stuff no one else would know except him and myself she is always so spot on she can pick up exactly how I am feeling and what is going on with my life as well. After the hour-long reading I always come away with some great knowledge but better yet is the feeling that I have just spent actual time with my dear son and other family members. If you are thinking about having a reading look no further go ahead and book it. You will not be disappointed my son absolutely loves her and is 100% himself around her.


Tina Warren offers accurate readings with love, compassion and candor. Through her readings, she was able to help me pinpoint my biggest stumbling blocks and give me a fresh perspective on aspects of my life. These helped me to come away with a more expansive viewpoint and a more informed idea on where I needed to focus my energy to move my life forward in the best way for me.

Michelle Eden Vasu

I had the good luck to come across Tina’s path towards the end of 2017. Little did I know how important Tina would be in my life. 1/1/2018 was the start of my worst year ever. I cannot even say how much Tina has helped me get through this year. Her kindness, her insights her daily guidance and readings have helped me tremendously in healing. I lost 2 of my closest people this year and it has not been easy. Tina has helped me to know they are still with me and always will be. I am so thankful that Tina’s live feed came across my Facebook that day.

Thank you for everything you do Tina.

Kim Crow

Tina has helped me through one of the darkest times of my life. Somehow she knew when my boyfriend passed away and immediately messaged me. She has helped me stay focused and not give up but she has also helped me learn how to do so many things that are important mentally and spiritually. I can not say enough nice things about her or the group.

Donna Jean Pham

I was always unsure about mediums etc. I was introduced to Tina by someone very close to me whom I trust with my life. I had a reading from just my name and Tina knew things that nobody knows. Tina tells it from the heart and always gives more than expected. Tina has a gift and uses it to help people usually to their own detriment. Tina undervalues herself and she does this to help people and always puts others before herself. I have another reading booked for next week.

Jo Charman

Tina is amazing and very accurate. She tunes into your energy even when you live thousands of miles away. Highly recommend.

Heather from Tennessee USA



30 Minutes or 60 Minutes Mediumship


30 Minutes or 60 Minutes Mediumship


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30 Minutes or 60 Minutes Mediumship

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