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Tarot Card Reading

I offer readings for every aspect of your life, whether you are looking for guidance in a specific area or a general overview. I offer intuitive readings and mediumship. My readings are very specific for the person I am reading for and offer a lot of insight into your situation. I use Tarot and oracle cards for my readings (but not for mediumship).

The only I information I require to commence your reading is your name, and this is how all my readings start. I do not need to know any other information prior to your reading. I offer insight regarding your future, as well as guidance and advice related to your specific situation. My readings are can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via the internet, and I am happy for any reading to be recorded.

Whether you want a face to face, phone or videocall reading I can guarantee there is no difference in the amount of information you will get, nor the quality of it. I currently offer face to face readings in the Midlands, and at events and festivals around the country held throughout the year. Check my events section to keep updated.

I offer individual, joint or group readings. This applies to both tarot and mediumship. I am available to work events and parties, and I offer business readings.

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