The Moon becomes New in the sign of Leo at 04.11 UK time (20.11 Pacific time)  on the 31st July or the 1st August depending on location. New Moons bring in the energy of new beginnings, of a fresh start and as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (together) they can offer a reset to a situation or way of being, if that is a choice you are making. It is the start of a new cycle and brings the opportunity to release things that are no longer working for you and bring in new ideas and intentions. The time leading up to and into the New moon brings your focus inwards, introspection and reflection will guide you to what your intentions may need to be. The Moon appears dark as it meets up with the Sun, and this is the time to plant those seeds of hope, dreams and desires for the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. If you are releasing habits, behaviours, attitudes or situations this is best done just before the Moon becomes New. This Dark phase is powerful for this. From the time of the New Moon up to 48-72 hours after is the time to set your intentions. Make these clear and state them as if they had already happened, and give them up to the universe, you may just be surprised how powerful this can be.

This New Moon is a Supermoon as it is close to the Earth. It is imbuing us with the energy of Leo and is bringing big opportunities for change and transformation on many levels. This moon is encouraging you to be strong in who you are and to look for what lights you up. Leo is associated with the Heart so if your dreams are linked in with something you love, this is your chance to start putting them into action.. It is a time to dream big or take a leap of faith. If you have been hiding yourself away, it is time to show up in your full authenticity. There is a light and fun energy linked in with this, that can be used to express your creativity. It could be a good time to try something new or to approach something with a new perspective or understanding, and to just go for it. This energy is linked in with awakenings, so for those of you already on your Spiritual journey, expect insights and downloads around this time, and for others there may be sudden realisations that make you consider things differently. There are huge opportunities for positive change and the influence of Venus brings some beautiful loving energy. This also links to finances, so there may be some clarity coming in there. Mercury is also stationing to move direct, so those misunderstandings can now start to be clarified or resolved. There is a caution that comes with this expressive Moon.. it could be easy to go a little bit over the top so watch that Ego and be accepting or you could find yourself reacting to others around you. Communication on all levels will be boosted, so ensure that self-talk is positive and supportive of yourself. Even if it has been a challenge at times this year this is a powerful reset point in the year, so if you have been feeling restless pay attention to that intuition as it is trying to guide you forward. it is on point and is specifically yours. Pay attention and move ahead without fear, in the way that is right for you. Those intentions are important so make sure you set the best ones for you, and release what is no longer working.

New Moon Blessings to You xx