As we move through March we come to a powerful point in the year, the Equinox. This is a time of balance across the Planet. The Sun is perpendicular to Earth and this results in equal amounts of day and night across the planet. It is also the point where the sun moves into the sign of Aries. This is the first sign of the Zodiac, and marks the beginning of the new astronomical year. This year this happens on 20th March at 09.37 GMT. (times will vary across the planet due to time zones) In the Northern Hemisphere this marks the turn of the seasons and heralds Spring. In the Southern Hemisphere it Heralds Autumn.

Known as the Vernal Equinox, or Ostara, this is a cross quarter festival for Pagans. The energies of fertility, growth, abundance, new life and potential are all available at this time. Eggs are strongly linked to this time, as are seeds, as both of these have potential to bring forward new life.. every wondered why we have Easter Eggs? A time of transformation, and with the increasing Sunlight there comes a surge of growth.

So what does this Energy Mean and how can You make the most of it

This energy affects us all, and brings an opportunity to reset, to let go and to bring changes that benefit us, and while many people set up new years resolutions at the beginning of January, this might be a good time to commit to positive change. An ideal time to let go of the past, this year in particular the planets are supporting this. As a result it may not have been an easy time of late.. you may have recognised what is no longer working for you, or areas of your life where you want to bring change.. You can use the energy of this time to help you to make those changes.

As the Sun moves around the Zodiac we are influenced by the subtle energies of each sign which are all different. Pisces is the sign just before Aries, and this is the last sign of the Zodiac. As such it can be a time of dissolution, things may naturally come to an end.. it is also a time where feelings, emotions, dreams and delusions may be easier to notice.. these will be different for each of us and will inform us of where we can bring change. You may have new plans, directions and want things to be different as we move into the Equinox.

Aries is a powerful and dynamic energy, a fire sign which brings with it creative, clearing and transformative energy.. those dreams you were noticing in Pisces can be initiated in Aries. You may feel more energetic, more motivated and lighter. This is a perfect time to clear out the old, and to spring clean, your environment, your mind and your body.. this is a time of new beginnings, and to start tapping the potential that is You.

5 suggestions to work with the Equinox energy

As a seed does not immediately become a mature plant producing fruit, be patient with yourself, take the time to consider and move when the time is right.. There are various things you can do at this time to work with and be supported by the energy of the Equinox

  1. Balance is key at this time. Take time to reflect, process and let go of the things you have identified. This will allow space for new energy, ideas and inspiration to flow in. You can do this with Mindful practices, meditation and Journalling.
  2. Cleanse, clean and clear. This is a perfect time to clear the cobwebs, metaphorically and physically. You may indeed feel like a Spring Clean of your house, desk, car or wardrobe. It is a good time for a detox this can be with your diet, giving your body and digestive system a boost. Your mind, clear away those old limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. A good time to clean up that friends list on Facebook, delete those old emails, and maybe take a little break from being plugged in to technology all of the while.
  3. Nature. Take a walk and look closely at the life that is blossoming all around you. Plant some seeds, and support your body with seasonal fresh foods. The sap is rising in the trees and over the next few weeks will start to burst bud. Nature is telling you to trust and be patient.
  4. Creating. Look at those big dreams, you can start to initiate new projects plans and goals. Take one step at a time. Look at what you want to bring forward in your life. Take conscious action and just as the seed starts to grow, so can you. you could create a ritual around this to set intentions.
  5. Get Moving. You may feel more energetic, so this would be a good time to start something that involves movement, walking, dancing, running. Some of you will actually feel that you want to move home or experience a new environment.

So as we reach the time in the year where there is a balance on the Planet, give yourself the opportunity to bring balance into your life. We have a clear way ahead right now energetically and are supported more than we realise. Time to step forward and move things in a direction that works for you. Indeed time to let go of those fears and limitations. Every change we make as an individual will influence change around us.. consider the impact of what you are doing as we move into longer brighter days, is it having a positive impact, or not? And as the days grow and nature becomes abundant with new life and new energy, may you experience the same.

With Love and Blessings

Tina xx