Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki ( pronounced Ray –kee) is Japanese and means Universal Life Force Energy – “The Universe is ENERGY…. out of energy everything is created”

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing which is non-invasive and can work alongside more conventional treatments and medication. The main tools in Reiki are the practitioners’ hands. I work with the energy centres (chakras) in your body to enhance your natural levels of wellbeing. I achieve this by balancing, clearing and re-aligning your chakras. I will also work on specific areas in the case of injury or illness.

I offer Reiki for a variety of physical and emotional problems including: relationship problems, chronic physical conditions, self-esteem issues, palliative care, anxiety, depression and stress. All of the listed ailments respond well to this type of healing. Reiki is effective for anyone and is also very beneficial for animals. There are no side effects, it is deeply relaxing and the results are felt for a considerable time afterwards.

The process for receiving Reiki consists of a consultation and initial treatment, with follow ups if required. I offer distance healing that can be concentrated and targeted with the required intention. It is still as effective as in person, even though I am not there with you.

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