Intuitive Development in person Polesworth.


This group offers development of all aspects of intuition, and spirituality. Whether you want to learn Tarot, Oracle cards, mediumship, healing or just to work with and understand your own intuition, or increase your self awareness, then this could be just the place for you.. These in person development sessions will give you a fully immersive experience of understanding and using your own intuition, using and working with various divinatory tools, as well as strategies and methods that will support you on this journey.


Using my own extensive experience of years of working as an intuitive, Energy Healer and Guide which has included understanding and developing my own intuition I will guide and support you in working with yours in a way that enhances your life.  Whether you are looking to move into this work as a business, utilise this for your own purposes or to empower yourself to make intuitive choices that are right for you. I can support you on that journey.

What is included

  • 2 hour group session with me in person, each month. Theory followed by practical application.
  • All materials needed to participate are included
  • Access to a Whats app group to stay in touch
  • A mid monthly catch up on Zoom for questions and answers.
  • A £5 shop credit so you can buy crystals, pendulums, cards etc from my shop.
  • Coming soon .. access to resources and workbooks to support your journey.
  • Tea and coffee provided
  • Discount for Pearl members.
  • Crystals, pendulums etc available to buy in the group.

This group  is designed to work with your needs and capabilities, whatever your level of knowledge or experience.

Cost per session £30 Pearls £20

Where Polesworth Memorial Hall (Back room )  20 Bridge St, Polesworth, Tamworth B78 1DT