The moon becomes New in the sign of Sagittarius at 15.05 UK time (07.05 Pacific time)  on the 26th November. New Moons bring in the energy of new beginnings, of a fresh start and as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (together) they can offer a reset to a situation or way of being, if that is a choice you are making. It is the start of a new cycle and brings the opportunity to release things that are no longer working for you and bring in new ideas and intentions. The time leading up to and into the New moon brings your focus inwards, introspection and reflection will guide you to what your intentions may need to be. The Moon appears dark as it meets up with the Sun, and this is the time to plant those seeds of hope, dreams and desires for the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. If you are releasing habits, behaviours, attitudes or situations this is best done just before the Moon becomes New. This Dark phase is powerful for this. From the time of the New Moon up to 48-72 hours after is the time to set your intentions. Make these clear and state them as if they had already happened, and give them up to the universe, you may just be surprised how powerful this can be.

This New Moon brings us the opportunity of growth and expansion in various different ways, how that plays out for you will depend on the choices you make. Sagittarius is a fiery optimistic sign of the Zodiac and is depicted as an Archer who is half man half centaur, so this is a perfect time to aim for those dreams and desires, and to seek your truth. Sagittarius is exuberant, philosophical and adventurous, it can also be obsessive or fanatical so watch out for this. You may find that there is an ability to break through previous limitations with this moon, and it provides an excellent time to release those old habits and patterns that no longer support your direction. It could feel like you are releasing burdens, or have a new found sense of freedom. Inspiration and imagination are active with this moon, and those new ideas, especially if they will serve others will be worth taking note of, as creativity is boosted too. There is an opportunity to create stability in your future, although discipline, courage and self belief are required. This is a powerful time for manifesting, you can focus on higher aspects of your life or lower aspects, just be aware you will get more of what you focus on, so consider where your thoughts and words are leading you to. If you have been feeling stuck or limited, it is time to change something, move furniture, do things in a different order, it will allow new ideas and perspectives to come to you. It might just be time to leave the comfort zone,and this is supported right now as it is also a good time for learning, whether in a formal or informal way. New perspectives, view points and awakenings are highly likely … set those intentions and aim high . x

Have A Happy New Moon

Tina xx