The moon becomes New in the sign of Cancer at 20.16 UK time (14.16 Pacific time)  on the 2nd July. New Moons bring in the energy of new beginnings, of a fresh start and as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (together) they can offer a reset to a situation or way of being, if that is a choice you are making. It is the start of a new cycle and brings the opportunity to release things that are no longer working for you and bring in new ideas and intentions. The time leading up to and into the New moon brings your focus inwards, introspection and reflection will guide you to what your intentions may need to be. The Moon appears dark as it meets up with the Sun, and this is the time to plant those seeds of hope, dreams and desires for the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. If you are releasing habits, behaviours, attitudes or situations this is best done just before the Moon becomes New. This Dark phase is powerful for this. From the time of the New Moon up to 48-72 hours after is the time to set your intentions. Make these clear and state them as if they had already happened, and give them up to the universe, you may just be surprised how powerful this can be.

This New Moon also comes with back up! We will experience a total solar eclipse along side this moon which will bring with it the energy of change as well as intensifying the power of the New Moon.. if you have been looking at making changes which will include habits and ideas, plans or projects that never really have seemed to get off the ground, belongings, old outdated or toxic relationships, with Cancer pouring it’s energy into this there could be changes at home or with close relationships, these could strengthen or stabilise at this time.. but there will be endings to make way for these new beginnings.. you may have been dealing with these changes over the last few weeks..

so how can you make best use of this energy.. firstly be gentle with yourself there could also be a lot of emotions linked in with this.. however these are as likely to be ones that make you feel good. Pay attention to these as right now they will guide you on an individual basis. The more right it is for you the better it will feel.. your home is you, so take note of those messages from your soul.. are you living your life on purpose? Are you feeling fulfilled with your direction and do you know what you want to do to enhance that.. there is a powerful period between this New Moon and the Full Moon on the 16th July. This will be a powerful opportunity for you to focus on these changes and your intentions for the future. Manifesting energy will be strong and you WILL get more of what you focus on so consider wisely. This family of Eclipses links back to 2001.. think back what was going on in your life then.. there is a similar energy although things will be different now.. use that wisdom. There is a feeling of growth and maturity coming in with this New Moon and this will require you to be in your authentic truth .. not what you want people to think you are..there could be some surprising conversations or revelations around this time.. Believe in you, set your course by your intentions and trust that you are moving in the right direction.. Happy New Moon xx