The moon becomes New in the sign of Aries at 9.50am (UK time) on the 5th April. New Moons bring in the energy of new beginnings, of a fresh start and as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (together) they can offer a reset to a situation or way of being, if that is a choice you are making. It is the start of a new cycle and brings the opportunity to release things that are no longer working for you and bring in new ideas and intentions. The time leading up to and into the New moon brings your focus inwards, introspection and reflection will guide you to what your intentions may need to be. The Moon appears dark as it meets up with the Sun, and this is the time to plant those seeds of hope, dreams and desires for the upcoming lunar cycle and beyond. If you are releasing habits, behaviours, attitudes or situations this is best done just before the Moon becomes New. This Dark phase is powerful for this. From the time of the New Moon up to 48-72 hours after is the time to set your intentions. Make these clear and state them as if they had already happened, and give them up to the universe, you may just be surprised how powerful this can be.

The New Moon in Aries not only has the energy of new beginnings, it has the power of Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac and carries that power of initiating things, motivation, forward movement, inspiration and determination. This particular New Moon will contain all of those energies and also be challenged. you may find that your patience will be needed this month, and as you move forwards clarity will come in regarding your goals. You may also be finding that there are challenges or obstacles along the way this month and that fiery Arian energy will find you facing up to and potentially overcoming some deep fears or limitations. This is likely to be a powerfully transformative month on a personal level. There are likely to be past issues coming up for resolution and releasing and you may be seeing just where you need to make the changes. but you are being asked to take time to consider if the choices you are making are right for you, if you are tuning in to your own inner guidance you alone will know the answers here. Motivation will be high and you will make progress but a balanced approach will matter. so while we have a strong energy that is helping us move forward it may be a steady progression over this cycle and leading up to the Full Moon later this month. We are in between 2 Full moons in Libra, this balancing energy is unavoidable right now. You may find that you feel an inner strength during this time as Aries ignites our inner warrior, but focus this energy on to the things that are supporting you rather than turn it against somebody, personal responsibility belongs to each of us, and this is a consideration right now. Trust, faith, surrender and belief will all be coming up at this time. Trusting yourself and your intuition, having the faith to follow it, surrendering to the outcome and believing it is possible. This Lunar cycle will be both revealing and rewarding, just listen to that intuition.

sending you Blessings for the New Moon with love and Light

Tina xx