The situation that we find ourselves in is an unusual one, and one that we can and will all view from our own perspective. There are undeniably opportunities within this situation to review and reflect on our lives. Many people are now expressing that they do not want things to go back to the way they were. So how could they be, what would be better and what can we do to support a better future for us all ?

Many people will feel that as individuals they have no power to change anything… this is not true.

We as living beings on this planet will have an influence on it. Our moods, thoughts, actions and viewpoints all have an impact. Being aware of these and using them in a way that is right for us is where we can make a difference. I have already spoken about the part we can all play at this time and the reason I am writing is because As we move through April we have a New Moon in Taurus coming up this week. This also coincides with Earth Day which is the 22nd April. New Moons bring in New energy and it is a great time to set new intentions. If we all come together with the intention of making this planet a more healthy, peaceful and connected place we can all play a part in imbuing that energy around and into the planet. There are a number of people that have been sending healing at 11am or 11pm in their own time zones with the intention of seeing a better world. Some of you are already sending healing each day as am I. sending at certain times over a sustained period will allow that collective energy to coalesce and this strengthens the energy. I am writing and sharing this so that if you feel you want to do something you can join in with this healing each day.  so how can you do this.

You can do this anywhere and it will only take a few minutes, or if you would prefer, set up a small healing space in your home or garden, this can be as simple or elaborate as you like. For example a very simple space would be a candle, it would be good to either see outside or have something from the earth close by, this could be a plant, a crystal or a pebble. Some people will lay out elaborate spaces, with many crystals, incense, music etc… you just do what is right for you, at the core of the healing is the intent, keep that clear and you can do this in the car, or at your chair at work. So don’t feel you haven’t got everything you need… all you need is you and your intent.

Just before 11am or 11pm

  • Sit in a comfortable, place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes. Wherever is right for you. Sit upright, and call in your own Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ancestors and Ascended Masters, or whoever you feel comfortable with calling, to allow this energy to flow through you, thank them for their support.
  • Centre yourself with your breath, becoming aware of your breath coming in your nose and going out your mouth, bringing in fresh energy and releasing any stress or tension in your body. follow your breath for 6 or 7 cycles
  • Visualise or imagine a peaceful, harmonious, healthy and bright planet.. you could see this in any way that is right for you.
  • Imagine how you would feel in such a place and tap into those higher feelings that this imagery will bring.
  • Once you are feeling good about what you are imagining sent out love, support or prayers for the earth, and all who call her home, for now and going forward.
  • Once sent state it is done, give thanks to your Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ancestors and Ascended Masters, (whoever you called on ) for supporting your intent. Sit for a moment and then carry on your day.
  • If you have lit a candle, you can either let it burn down safely, tealights are best for this, otherwise extinguish the candle and relight the next time you send healing , love or prayers.

The more of us who work together, the more we can affect the changes we want to see.

Sending you love and strength, and thank you for joining in

Tina xx