As the world starts to move and shops and businesses are starting to open again, it was a perfect time for me to escape and recharge for a few days. I have worked from home for the last 5 years, so time away and in nature is important to me, and Glastonbury was calling again.

I stayed again at St Annes, but this time in a Yurt. Surrounded by the hills of the Chalice Well, trees and beautiful garden, it was the perfect place for relaxing. After a catch up with Estelle, the landlady I was blessed to spend time with her husband Malcolm, who is a wealth of information on wildlife. We sat peacefully in the garden as the night fell and were rewarded with a visit from a couple of badgers, not just a brief visit, they were there for almost an hour. An amazing sight and so fascinating to see how nimble and quick they are. We were also visited by a little owl that flew in to say hello. A magical evening in a magical place.

I also had an interesting experience with the sheep in the field next to the yurt. we had been out and when we came back I stood and said hello to the sheep. one of them just stared at me chewing away on the grass. he never took his eyes of me and then all of a sudden.. he Smiled.. A full on all teeth showing smile.. I laughed and said I had never seen that before. Later when the farmer was checking on them I mentioned that the sheep had smiled at me.. The farmers smile was even bigger, he was laughing as he said “did he roll his top lip back and bear his teeth”.. I said yes and the farmer was laughing harder.. I asked what it meant, thinking, it may have been a warning or something.. the Farmer was nearly crying with laughter as he told me.. that’s what they do if they want to mate.. only they normally do it to another sheep … I can only say I was very glad of the fence between us, although it certainly gave me something to laugh about..

I had ventured off to Glastonbury alone for my Birthday in February. Following something that had came to me in meditation. I now understand why I was called there at that time.. despite already having something arranged and booked for my Birthday I had to go to Glastonbury. Enough to say it was a truly magical few days, and I met some amazing people. One place I always go to when there is a shop called Star Child. I have brought candles, oils books and herbs from here for years. In February I was inspired to pick up a Peace candle, this is a big candle and I brought one and went off. However when I got back to the B&B I suddenly felt I needed to go back.. I distinctly remember “light this each day, it will be needed and appreciated” coming to me.. I did go back and buy several more.

I lit this candle for the healing for the first time on the 25th February … and have lit it every day apart from when I was away for 2 nights on my last trip to Glastonbury.. I am a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, and have been practicing for over a decade, on myself as well as others. In some ways I can see healing in all aspects of my work. Some of you will know I have sent healing everyday for over 6 years. I also send and work within a healing circle which has grown from people who I have met through my work. And each week we come together to combine our energies and send healing. No one could have guessed how much that would have come to offer to others as well as ourselves over the past few months.

The candle has been significant and as we went into ‘lockdown’ an Angel appeared in the wax of the candle, at times when things were feeling trying the candle appeared to burn so much brighter. The first time we did an interactive group healing session there was an incredible energy in the room and the light the candle threw off was amazing.. and the candle as it has been lit and burned has indeed been a support for many.. more recently as the candle nears the end of its life there appears to be a group of figures who are connected around the light all holding hands in a circle.. Maybe it signifies the healing circle and how we connect to send the healing, or maybe it is a sign that we are so much more supported than we know.. that it is safe to be ourselves and that the light will continue to burn, to grow and to dispel the darkness we all experience in our lives.. this candle has burned for 136 days and it will soon be time for a new candle. Things are starting to move forward so a new light, love, peace and healing can be carried forward for all that need it with much love..

Tina xx

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