Libra Full Moon 20th – 21st March

The full moon brings light to things, or indeed things to light. These may have been hidden or not recognised before. It is a time of completion or a culmination point. It influences our Oceans and Emotions, bringing high tides and high emotions.. it’s expansive and dispersive energies can give our intuition a boost. Its a cleansing, energising and healing energy and bathes us with light during the darkness of night. Thanks to the Sun being opposite and it’s light being reflected from the Moon. Full moon emanates Feminine energy which enhances creativity, connection, inspiration, healing and our own feminine aspect..we all have one regardless of gender.. it is a perfect time to charge crystals or any metaphysical tools you may use.. including your cards, pendulums, and any magical tools.
Each full moon carries specific energies depending on the surrounding, planets and stars, and this will bring specific energies into play for that Lunar Cycle..

The Full Moon in March falls on 21st March at 01.42 at 0° 09 of Libra in the UK. The time and date will vary depending on your time zone. This Full Moon is the last in a cycle of 3 Super-moons. A Super-Moon is when the Moon is close to Earth.. so its effects are intensified and magnified.. This one will also coincide with the Equinox which means it is particularly potent. This is a balance point of the year and initiates a change of seasons. We move into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere move from Summer into Autumn. It falls at the very beginning of Libra..the sign of balance, relationships and Harmony ..So this will be important over the next Lunar cycle.. This is the 5th and final consecutive Full Moon falling at the very beginning of a Zodiac sign within the first degree. The next Full Moon will fall in the last degree of the same sign.. Meaning this time is significant and as we change seasons it brings the start of the Astrological Year giving the energies of new beginnings to this Moon.. those dreams and plans can be transformed into reality now and action can be taken. Healing means releasing some outdated ways of doing or seeing things, these could include clearing space and will get those spring cleaning energies flowing.. consider up-cycling, re-purposing or swapping things with people if you are looking at changing things at home.. there may be big changes this month, as opportunities may just open up.. follow that intuition and trust.. balance action with rest or meditation.. and follow your passion.. Happy Full Super-Moon in Libra xx ??