The Full moon occurs when the Sun is Directly opposite the Moon, illuminating it fully. The influence of the Full moon is one that supports, completions, and things running their course. This energy allows hidden things to be revealed, and this will often be in the form of sub-conscious behaviours or patterns or through insights and realisations. You cannot have and ending without a beginning and the Full Moon brings with it opportunities for healing and releasing on many different levels, this creates the space for something new to come forward in it’s place. Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, it seeks truth sees the bigger picture and values clear thinking and knowledge, it is a generous and expansive sign.

 The Moon becomes full at 09.30 UK time 01.30 Pacific time on the 17th June 2019. The power of this Moon brings forward the opportunity to direct your focus onto something you want to grow or develop.. there is strongly expansive energy coming in with this Moon, which will bring deep personal insights, a boost to your intuition and the motivation to move ahead.. it may pay to focus on one thing at a time though as there is a chance you could feel overwhelmed if trying to do too much.. this may actually make you do less than you want or need to, our emotions may get triggered, but there will be a way through.. your inner strength may be the thing you need here.. or some will power. This moon has the potential of ending or transmuting situations especially if you are ready to make necessary changes.. there could be certain areas of your life that would benefit from some new order or structure.. this is going to be an active period and if you have been putting something off, which will include expressing yourself this is may be the time to act.. this moon is linked with revealing truth, so be honest in your approach and authentically you.. creative ideas, divine inspiration and an increase in spiritual awareness are highly likely and as this Moon is close to the solstice it will be imbued with this energy too.. there is a joyful, fun and celebratory energy that may need to be tempered with some productivity.. if you are doing what you love this may prove beneficial.. the coming weeks will bring in some dynamic energy which can lead you towards your intended outcomes.. applied effort in the right areas will be beneficial right now ..patience may be required.. its also a good time to start a meditation practice, to learn something new and to move forward in a strong way, with integrity if you have been doing the work .. Happy Full Moon xx ?