The Full moon occurs when the Sun is Directly opposite the Moon, illuminating it fully. The influence of the Full moon is one that supports, completions, and things running their course. This energy allows hidden things to be revealed, and this will often be in the form of sub-conscious behaviours or patterns or through insights and realisations. You cannot have and ending without a beginning and the Full Moon brings with it opportunities for healing and releasing on many different levels, this creates the space for something new to come forward in it’s place. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony and this Moon will show you just where you may be out of balance in your life. There is therefore a strong energy of personal responsibility that is coming through right now.

This is the second Consecutive Full Moon in Libra in a month. This one is in the last degree of the sign, which is also known as a Critical degree. This is because it finalises the energy and will bring forward the insights we need at this time. This Moon will particularly affect relationships, partnerships or alliances, including the relationship you have with yourself. This Moon shines a light on feelings, beliefs and behaviours which may be coming from sub-conscious patterns or beliefs. We all are likely to have these, and this is the opportunity to release, heal and transform those areas. There are very strong energies around this moon which mean that the energy could be volatile at times, so it may be wise to consider before you respond to someone. Mercury is bringing strength to our communication, this could be direct, rapid and fiery right now. It may be a good time to listen right now, and if you have been holding back on a difficult conversation you are supported to speak your truth now. We are being supported to consider our personal responsibility, and to be authentic in who we are, not one of us is the same as another, and we will each have our own perspective. Our intuition is always enhanced at this time and as this is a personal relationship with your higher self, you will get insights into what this Moon brings for you, in the form of healing, realising and acknowledging. You may feel like you want to make changes to your environment, to your health or to the way you look physically, and these are all supported. This Moon is bringing with it transformative energies and change is a part of this, this will bring its own challenges in any area, the healing comes with dealing with these, it could prove testing at times but it also brings in the potential for balance and harmony. Take note of what this moon brings up for you as you are supported to align with who you are, and given this opportunity to be the best that you can be. Be considerate of yourself right now and look at the things that are pertinent to you. Know you are being supported in your choices and actions and move forward in the way that feels best for you.. action is most definitely required now, You can bring the changes to support you.

Sending love and light

Tina xx