The Full moon occurs when the Sun is Directly opposite the Moon, illuminating it fully. The influence of the Full moon is one that supports, completions, and things running their course. This energy allows hidden things to be revealed, and this will often be in the form of sub-conscious behaviours or patterns or through insights and realisations. You cannot have and ending without a beginning and the Full Moon brings with it opportunities for healing and releasing on many different levels, this creates the space for something new to come forward in it’s place. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is the sign of the Ram. This is an initiating energy and the energy of leadership, it’s a fire sign which indicates action, creativity and inspiration..

The moon becomes full on Sunday 13th October at 22.07 BST. This Full Moon is packing a punch of powerful energy. Aries is a sign of the individual, the pioneer and that initiating energy and action to get things moving. This Moon is opposed by the Sun in Libra, which is a sign of balance, harmony and relationships. There could be some tensions around the area of relationships at this time, coupled with the intensification of our emotions as the Moon becomes full and for a time after there could be some tense moments. These will not only be experienced on an individual level and you may see these on a wider scale around the Globe .As this energy can initiate a crumbling of old or outdated ways of doing things. This is an energy of change, of initiation and ultimately of growth. We are in times of change at a worldwide level and many people are awakening to this, there has been a steady rise in the level of human consciousness over the last few years and this is being given a big surge of energy again at this time. Be open to new encounters, unexpected or inspiring meetings are possible, as well as ca change in perspective or understanding.

 There could be old issues or unresolved fears also coming to the surface at this time and we have the opportunity to use this energy to overcome, understand or heal these areas. This is where you may be able to find your breakthrough or new beginning. This is an active energy and it also holds the potential for positive growth in finances, self awareness and understanding. Grounding may be of great benefit and self awareness and responsibility are key to maximising the benefits of this energy. Ultimately it could enable you to breakthrough the things that have been holding you back with regard to a project, plan or idea. As well as to identify where you need to take charge or where you may need to create boundaries.. there is an opportunity to change any patterns that may be destructive or unhelpful for you. You are the Initiator in the choices of your life, and there is a level of Mastery that is offered with this energy. Trust your own intuition right now, face those fears and tap into your own Power.. You can do this .. Sending you love xx