The Full moon occurs when the Sun is Directly opposite the Moon, illuminating it fully. The influence of the Full moon is one that supports, completions, and things running their course. This energy allows hidden things to be revealed, and this will often be in the form of sub-conscious behaviours or patterns or through insights and realisations. You cannot have and ending without a beginning and the Full Moon brings with it opportunities for healing and releasing on many different levels, this creates the space for something new to come forward in it’s place. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, although it is an air sign. It brings the energy of change, seen as the visionaries and humanitarians of the zodiac this could bring some very dynamic energy.

 The Moon becomes full at 13.29 UK time on the 15th August 2019. The power of this Moon brings forward the opportunity to break through especially if you have felt stuck or stagnant in any area. Creativity and imagination are enhanced and there could be some clarity towards your soul purpose. As the energy of Leo is also strong at this moon , you may find the confidence to speak or act from the heart. Relationships, friendships, communities or organisations may also see change in a beneficial way, and truthful communication is highlighted. There could be a tendency to be impulsive or a little overconfident in this energy so be aware of this. It also brings a time for you to let go of things that may not be working, some of you will be balancing your commitments, especially if you have taken on a lot recently, and you can see clearly what you can let go of. This could be linked in with behaviours, habits or attitudes. The next two weeks bring in some powerful transformative energy, and if you have been letting those doubts and fears hold you back or have been limiting yourself in some way this can be transformed with this energy.. so look at what it is you are wanting in your life, pay attention to that intuition and you will find a way forward right now, balance those actions with inspired thought and things may start to move ahead, this could feel as if it is happening quickly, but there is a quick energy that is coming in to support this. Confidence, self worth and communication are supported, especially if this is authentic, and from the heart. Some of you will be speaking out or expressing more of who you are and valuing the uniqueness of that as well as seeing that in others.. Happy Full Moon xx ?