After being ill for the first time in 9 years at the end of last year, my attention was brought into focus with regard to how much time I was taking away from work. Not easy as I work from home. I got the message though. I am trying new things and will share some of these.. the first of which was a Jewellery making workshop with Jo..

Jo Lovell is the owner of Hand Crafted Jewellery by Jo. She has won awards for her teaching and has supported many people to create or learn something new.. from children to adults of all ages and abilities. She has recently started running workshops from home.. so I decide to treat myself and surprise her by booking myself on for a Tree of Life Pendant workshop..  I thought it would be nice to offer it in a giveaway in the Community. I was looking forward to making something I had never tried before.. although I didn’t expect it to be anything remarkable.. I just wanted to enjoy the experience. What I didn’t expect was for that to be such a relaxing, enjoyable and absorbing one..

I have had an affinity with pendulums since my Nan Pearl, taught me how to make and use one when I was 4. I have always had at least one Pendulum at any point in my life. When I started this work I talked with Jo, and suddenly asked if she could make pendulums as I would need them.. I had no idea where that came from ( I didn’t know then I would be teaching people how to use them) this was the beginning of a collaboration that continues to this day. Although Jo has made numerous Pendulums for me over the years and together we offer bespoke pendulum with a tutorial from me.. I had never made a piece of Jewellery with Jo..

 I had no idea of how it would look and allowed my intuition to take over.. From the vast array of beads in crystal, wood, glass, pearl and shell..  It was a treat to work through and choose the colours and pieces that spoke to me.. mixing colours, sizes and textures..  Jo remarked on some crystal butterflies which she had found.. but never seen before.. obviously I used one of those, as well as a single Pearl.. for my Nan.. who has been letting me know she is around for several weeks now.. Everything that I was worrying about.. stressing over or thinking about slowly faded into the back ground as I immersed myself into making my pendant. Adding the butterfly and then a single Pearl to represent my Nan.. slowly seeing the Tree Of Life emerge.. as I came to completing my necklace I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give this away.. this was for me.. Jo has offered to make another to give away in the community though..

 I got so much more than making a piece of Jewellery from this experience.. Jo is a great teacher.. lots of patience, easy to talk to, and happy to share her own wisdom..  That was an added bonus to the day..  I got far more from this than making a piece of jewellery.. as well as taking time for Myself.. this was such a perfect thing for mindfulness and focus.. a welcome break from the day to day stress..

 for more details about Jo and her work links below

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Talking about mindfulness reminds me of another experience I wanted to share.. that will come soon, in the meantime..

Love You

Tina xx