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New Moon in Taurus 4th /5th May 2019

The moon becomes New in the sign of Taurus at 23.45 (UK time) on the 4th May. New Moons bring in the energy of new beginnings, of a fresh start and as they occur when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (together) they can offer a reset to a situation or way of being, if that is a choice you are making. It is the start of a new cycle and brings the opportunity to release things that are no longer working for you and bring in new ideas and intentions.

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Full Super-Moon in Libra 20th -21st March 2019

Libra Full Moon 20th - 21st March The full moon brings light to things, or indeed things to light. These may have been hidden or not recognised before. It is a time of completion or a culmination point. It influences our Oceans and Emotions, bringing high tides and...

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Full Moon in Libra 19th April 2019

This is the second Consecutive Full Moon in Libra in a month. This one is in the last degree of the sign, which is also known as a Critical degree. This is because it finalises the energy and will bring forward the insights we need at this time. This Moon will particularly affect relationships, partnerships or alliances, including the relationship you have with yourself.

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