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Hi, I’m Tina Warren. I am a natural intuitive Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Guide. I’ve always been very intuitive and naturally empathic, which led me into a very rewarding nursing career. I spent the last 15 years as a psychiatric nurse, but through a series of life-changing events, I felt a strong push to work for myself, eventually leading me to the work I do today.

I now work with people from every corner of the world and have gained recognition for giving consistently accurate and very individual readings and in-depth mediumship readings that leave no doubt for loved ones. I have also expanded into teaching and personal coaching due to demand.

As I work intuitively, I get a lot of information without the use of tools. However, cards are my most used tool as they offer a lot of direction and help me pinpoint the areas where people require the most guidance. They also offer a visible connection for the person I am reading for. I may incorporate other tools in my work, such as pendulums and crystals.

No matter which way I work, whether it be reading, healing or coaching, I will receive information to guide you.

All aspects of my work are delivered through various means. Read on to discover how I can help you with my various services and offerings, or get in touch to book your session.

All aspects of my work are delivered through various means. Read on to discover how I can help you with my various services and offerings, or get in touch to book your session below.

*Please note: all readings/treatments are by appointment only

Book A Reading

I offer readings for every aspect of your life, whether you are looking for guidance in a specific area or a general overview. I offer intuitive readings and mediumship. My readings are very specific for the person I am reading for and offer a lot of insight into your situation. I use Tarot and oracle cards for my readings (but not for mediumship).

The Tree of Life

Each name represents a leaf on the tree, only these leaves will not fall, they will remain as a lasting dedication to your loved one.

Congratulations to the Supporter and Pearls Winners for January : Jen R. & Hattie A.



If you are looking for messages from loved one in spirit then this is the service to book.  I have a solid reputation for making strong validated connections to spirit and conveying messages in an empathic and compassionate way.

30 minutes £25

60 minutes £45

All readings can be recorded. Please request at start of reading



Tarot Reading

 Are you feeling lost, confused or lacking direction. A reading with me will help you to gain insight, clarity and direction with regards to your current situation.

30 minutes £25

60 minutes £45

 All readings can be recorded. Please request at start of reading


Reiki in person or Distant

Reiki is an energy based healing system. I have been a practitioner of reiki for over a decade and I am a Master Practitioner and teacher. It can be used for most conditions as well as for stress or just to deeply relax and align your energy system. To arrange for an in person or distant healing please contact me to arrange a chat.
Initial session 90mins including paperwork £45
Follow up sessions 45 mins £35
You can accept the healing that is sent each day by myself and the Tree of Life Healing Circle for no cost.



Guidance / Intuitive Counselling

These are sessions for when you need specific advice or direction but do not need a reading. These can be about anything that you feel the need to discuss, or to guide you through a certain period of your life, and can be a one-off session or can be multiple sessions over a period of time depending on what you require.
15 mins £15
30 mins £25
60 Mins £45
Multiple sessions prices will be discounted by 10%



New Single Question Reading

You can now order a single question reading, which will be answered personally by Tina in the form of an Mp3 recording. These are specific to your question and will be individually recorded. You will receive your recording within 48 hours of your order if placed during the week or 72 hours if placed at the weekend. Tina will use Tarot, mediumship or give guidance depending on what you request. simply add your question to the order and you will receive your recording via email within 48 hours, which you can download and keep.

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